Marián Sedílek - Senior Account Manager

Marian has worked in the PR sphere since 1995. He has extensive know – how experience in communication management of various projects in IT, finance, insurance, building and pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and more. He has gained valuable experience in managing client services, in introducing the international standards of CMS (Consultancy Management Standards) as well as in the position of an agency CEO. Marian’s clients are active in the area of telecommunication and finances.

Marian studied journalism at the Faculty of Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava. He worked in different media and has become a part of the Dynamic Relations 2000 team in 2015.

"PR is a serious discipline, therefore a little joke cannot harm. This is my favorite one: A hamster and a rat are having a little chat. Rat says: “Hey, hamster, how is it, actually? You have four paws, I have four paws. Your teeth are dangled out, my teeth are dangled out. You have a tail and a fur coat as well as I do. But people love you and they want to have you, but they hate me and prepare traps and poison to get rid of me. Why?” Hamster takes a second to think about the answer and then says: “Do you know what the deal is? Your PR is crap!“ By the way, changing the reputation of a rat is definitely a PR challenge :)"

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