Raiffeisen International, one the region’s strongest banking groups, came with an idea in 2010 to launch a new non-traditional direct bank in Slovakia. This was a challenge, certainly – to create image and communication for a bank from its very foundations while using cutting-edge PR tools. We came with the basic idea that ZUNO – being an online bank – is not just about saving Your money but also Your time. We went for a teasing campaign based on this very message and kick-started a media debate about saving & killing time.
Newly-fashioned launch of the bank’s operation in Slovakia helped to establish ZUNO as a brand-new experience. ZUNO is straight-forward, modern and friendly, avoids a complicated financial jargon and Your money is always only few clicks away. ZUNO matured into a successful market player and our communication model was, to some extent, used during ZUNO launch in the neighbouring Czech Republic.