Some 400,000 computers are sold in Slovakia every year. Majority of consumers, however, remain in uncharted waters struggling to pick ‘the right one’ from the vast supply. This led us, together with our client Microsoft, to make it easier for people to choose with help of a new portal – WindowsPC. This project embodies synergy of a dominant software market player with prominent hard-ware producers and their new products.
This portal managed to translate complicated technical parameters into a commonly used public-speak. The task of ‘Microsoft Consumer Day’ was to organize initial so-called ‘Consumer Day’ where WindowsPC came to life in a very original way, presented with the human touch of IT giants. Media alone said that this was one the best IT ideas of the year.
Thanks to our support, more than 60,000 people visited WindowsPC and our campaign secured a massive publicity both for the portal and the client.