One additional Christmas plate

We set the Christmas table 2015 with “one additional plate” for our client Orange Slovensko. Whole pre-Christmas and festal communication was carried out in the light of this concept. The PR goal was to point out the approach differences of Orange and to communicate the connection of the commercial Christmas offer and charity. Famous faces from commercial spots as well as the CEO of Orange lend a helping hand, as well. The campaign was based on one core PR activity – a public bet. Campaign personalities and the Head of the Orange made a bet with Orange customers and broad public via videospots stating that if customer commercial operations will end up compiling 25 000 € on the charity grant programme scheme Darujte Vianoce (Donate Christmas) they will do something extraordinary and unexpected. The challenge was continuously appearing on Facebook fanpages of Orange and engaged celebrities, published in press releases, flashnews and PR articles (paid and unpaid, as well).

Thanks to all of them (including customers) we have set an additional abstract dinning plate on the Christmas table and contributed to nicer Christmas for all people in need. Celeste Buckingham sang in a bus and Lukáš Latinák, Braňo Bystriansky and Pavol Lančarič gave away 30 kg of honey-cake to people on the streets of Bratislava. The telecommunication operator allocated 50 cents for each customer commercial operation made in November and December to its grant programme Donate Christmas. The final number has reached an incredible total sum of 31 849 €. 80 relevant media outcomes were monitored during the campaign period from 28.10. to 17.12.2015 whereby 53% of them being spontaneous. Several media covered the topic more complex mentioning the charity aspect, as well. Thanks to the Facebook profiles of the involved celebrities we managed to address broader public and assure higher engagement: 23 000 likes, 700 comments and 1500 shares. The campaign had an affect on 50% of the Slovak population.