Project National tax receipt lottery

TIPOS was given from its stakeholder, the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, an assignment to prepare and give marketing support to the project of National Receipt Lottery. The goal of the project was to contribute to a greater control over black economy, to engage general public in detecting fraud when purchasing a product or service. Our task was also to promote user-friendly technical solutions that can be easily understood and adopted by the public.

We prepared a thorough communication strategy of the project, whereby at the beginning, we acted as consultants for the technical solutions of the lottery. As a result, we had 1970 media outputs including global media (New York Times, Handelsblatt, NBC News, La Tribune), 7 126 000 receipts were registered in the first pairing. Today there are more than 500 000 players. Our project became „an export product“, raised interest of the European Commission, national lottery companies and Ministries of Finance of 8 EU countries.