Stone Heart

The consortium Kamenné srdce needed 7 months to transport 50 000 tons of hazardous waste from the quarry, while the route led directly through the neighbourhood. The task of our agency was to prepare the whole communication strategy in a way that we provide satisfactory information to affected inhabitants, as well as enough relevant and precise information in a timely fashion, ensuring, thus, a peaceful environment for a challenging work of a professional expert team.

The waste was not only transported, it was also disposed of and part of it was recovered. The quarry was thoroughly cleaned and grass will grow on the ground again after 50 years. The removal of goudrons is mentioned as an example of a good project by mayors of other city districts, or towns who deal with similar environmental threats. Successful restoration of the quarry Srdce and 8 similar burdens from EU funds encouraged the Minister of Environment who recently introduced a new financial package to remove environmental burdens from other 297 places in Slovakia. Media showed interest in this topic which is not very attractive. All final deliverables were positive.