White night (Biela noc)

White Night (Biela noc), Festival of Contemporary Art, with the attribute of the „the biggest and most visited festival in Europe“ was in the eye of interest of Košice inhabitants for five years when the organisers decided to present the event in Bratislava, as well. The assignment was pretty clear: the participation numbers of the festival should reach 60 thousands due to maximum information efforts. Journalists had no previous information about the event in Košice that had an average visitors’ rate about 50 thousand participants and therefore were not willing to inform in advance about an un-known festival in Bratislava.

Our task was to find a solution for breaking down the information barrier regarding the pilot project and to prove that the capital city that is very well used to hosting big cultural events may wishfully expect the premier of the festival of contemporary art of European dimensions. White night in Košice took place one week before the happening in Bratislava and presented the same headliners. Therefore we were searching for a special receipt reflecting the exact “taste” of Bratislava inhabitants.

The aim of the White Night event is to show how city streets and untraditional places can be changed by art during one night out. In order to differ the Bratislava event from the one in Košice we worked with specific characteristics of capital city which could been seen in a different light – at night. We bet on the atmosphere of Ondrej’s cemetery, Medical Garden, Main Square, UFO, radio pyramid. In the end we were able to pursuit the organisers to involve Bratislava castle, as well.

During the pre-festival period we monitored 103 relevant media outcomes and 72 after the happening. Despite rain and bad weather conditions 100 thousand people visited the White Night festival on the 10th October 2015. Even roads close to the Slovak Radio had to be closed due to the massive number of people. The traffic broke down, as well, because of the traffic jams in the city centre.